organic waste composer

Bio-degradable wastes are converted into bio energy in our Organic Waste- composter. We have fully automatic, semi-automatic as well as manual machines as per the needs and requirement of customers. The composter machine is a digestive system that functions with its special technique to decompose all sort of organic wastes within a short span of time.

With the right conditions (air and moisture), organic waste such as food and plant materials like grass and leaves can be decomposed by organisms like bacteria, fungi and worms. In this equipment, only biodegradable wastes are used for composting and this process turns the organic waste into nutrient rich compost and fertilizers that can be used in agriculture.

The machine has an inbuilt waste shredder which cuts the bio-degradable wastes into tiny pieces and then transfers them to a collection tank where actual composting takes place. After composting, the raw compost needs to be dried up for removing the moisture out of them.

types and sources

Kitchen/Canteen waste

vegetable cuts, food leftovers, spoilt fruits, contaminated food, fruit peels etc.

Garden wast

shredded grasses in the lawns, trimmed bushes, dried leaves of trees, dried flower petals etc.

what to compost and what not?


  • All food wastes (including dairy, meat and poultry)
  • Decomposable wastes from the mess
  • Napkins, paper towels, yard trimmings, tea bags

do not compost

  • Sachets and single serve packets
  • Recyclable items like metal, plastic and paper
  • Coffee cups and lids (disposables)
  • Soup lids from the mess

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