Rain Water Harvesting Plant

The term 'Rain water Harvesting' is used to restore the rain water for future use with effective management and conservation. The stored rainwater can be used for human, animal and agricultural needs through the water collection method. Water is collected and pumped through separate pipe distribution.

Developing countries like India is using such method to reduce the cost of operation, maintenance and distribution of other heavy and sophisticated treatment plants. At Kelvin we follow the procedures cost effective and there is no compromise in the quality.

Why rainwater harvesting is required

  • To maintain the adequate level of ground water
  • To enhance the surface water to meet the present and future demands
  • To reuse the rain water for sustainable development.
  • To help the agribusiness to grow which will eventually minimize the cost of vegetation.
  • To avoid flood hazards
  • To lower the risk of drought
  • To reduce soil erosion
  • To make the atmosphere environment-friendly.

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