swimming pool filteration system

Having a swimming pool has become a fashion these days. Not only the hotels and resorts but the residential areas are also equipping themselves with the swimming pools. It is refreshing source for everyone to stay healthy and physically fit. 15 minutes each day spent in swimming makes the body slim, active and healthy. So, the craze of having swimming pool is increasing day by day and so the task of filtering the pool as well.

Pool plants are effectively designed and manufactured according to the needs of the clients. We are providing the latest technology pool pumps to filter the same and to make the swimming water pollution and germ free. Clean and pure water which is disease-free makes the swimming experience enjoyable. Swimming pool filters provided by Kelvin are of high quality and within the set standards and compliance, sizes of which differ according to customers requirements.

Basically, to make the swimming pool water clean and pure, pH level of water should be adjusted in a proper way and chlorination is performed to make the water salt free. Residential filters are of small size but the filters used in industrial areas are bigger and of high quality, so as to serve and cater to maximum number of users.


  • Above-ground sand filters
  • In-ground sand filters
  • Above-ground cartridge filters
  • In-ground cartridge filters
  • Above-ground DE filters
  • In-ground DE filters
  • Spa filters


  • Effective pumping system
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Skin friendly water
  • Durability
  • Pure and healthy water
  • Modular design
  • Proper chlorine and pH adjustment
  • Underwater lights
  • Environment friendly chemicals

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